Aurora Silver Trade

Aurora Silver Trade has over twenty years of experience in the silver jewellery sector. The company has come a long way since it was founded, in 1992, and has been an important partner for leading dealers in Italy for more than fifteen years.

The ability to perceive future trends within the market has always been the key to the company's success. In 2007, driven by an entrepreneurial vision and in response to profound changes in conventional supply and distribution channels, it launched the 4you brand to meet new requirements in the sales process and achieve value innovation.


The 4You Jewels brand of jewellery embodies our vision of combining the emotions experienced during life’s little moments of joy with Italian creativity and style, without ever verging on the ordinary or trivial.
Continuous research into new materials in tune with today’s way of life, such as steel, natural pearls and gemstones, has resulted in innovative solutions, including some successful “collections” featuring the use of silver and coloured enamel.

Having set ourselves the challenge of “making it possible to give a present, even in times of crisis”, we created a range of “fashionable, good-quality and fairly-priced jewellery” that has gone on to become a well-established brand throughout Italy.

4You Jewels, be your dream...

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